Chew on This: The Caribbean Cabana

Written by DFWCaribbean
DALLAS – Island getaways can be pricey but if you’re on a quest for good Caribbean food, you don’t have to go too far – or pay a pretty penny. Just head to Dallas Farmer’s Market, and make your way to the Caribbean Cabana. But be sure not to request Jamaican grub.

“A lot of people see Caribbean and they think Jamaica, and I tell them, ‘No we’re not from Jamaica. We’re from Trinidad and Tobago,’” owner Robert Plaza told Newsfix.

So how do the Plazas make sure they bring the Trini taste to Texas?

“A lot of the spices and herbs and stuff that we use, that my wife uses to uses to cook, come from the Caribbean,” Plaza said.” People look for the authenticity of what we do.”

And there’s nothing more authentic than doubles, which is basically street food in Trinidad.

“It’s like a crepe,” owner Yolande Plaza said. “We use cumin and split pea powder to make it.”

Then there’s the roti.

“It’s equivalent to a stuffed burrito at Chipotle,” Plaza told Newsfix.

Chew on This: the Caribbean Cabana is the only spot in the Dallas offering the jerk chicken sandwich.

“It’s made on my freshly made bread, every day, what we call ‘fry bake, Trinidad,” Yolande Plaza said. “And I make apple slaw, which is like coleslaw. We put the boneless meat on the bread then we cut it and it’s very big.”

And big is an understatement.

Now if you don’t have an appetite for the jerk sandwich, there’s the fish sandwich and classics like the oxtails – served with a macaroni pie and plantains.

So the next time you’re in the mood for jerk, Ting, and everything in between – let Caribbean Cabana take your taste buds on a journey to paradise

“That’s what we eat, that’s what we grew up eating, that’s how we fed our kids, and that’s what we’re gonna give to Dallas,” Plaza said.